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Scientific activities

Development of novel magnetic field sensors by means of the Swift Heavy Ion Tracks technology;   investigations of characteristics of double perovskites for creation of spintronic devices; improvements of properties of superconducting coils at low temperatures.

Production activity

Meeting the requirements in liquid helium and scientific research and medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Creation of the allograft cryogenic preservation bank for cardiac surgery needs.

Division of Cryogenic Research

Division of cryogenic research of the State Scientific and Production Association "Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" was founded in 1976 and its team solves the tasks of scientific and industrial character in the field of low temperature physics.

1. Main scientific and industrial fields of activity of the Division.

  • Studies of possibilities of creation of  micro-and nanoelectronic devices on the base of swift heavy ion track technology;
  • Investigations of charge transport processes in ferromagnetic / (dia - paramagnetic) / ferromagnetic multilayer structures;
  • Studies of  dynamics of desorption and the oxygen nonstoichiometry, cation ordering and electrical properties of Sr2FeMoO6±δ compound;
  • Galvanomagnetic phenomena in multiwire composites based on pure metals in high magnetic fields;
  • Development and optimization of operational properties of cryoconducting  materials;
  • Development and creation of powerful cryoconducting electromagnetic systems with cooling by liquid hydrogen;Meeting the requirements of scientific research and medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus in the liquid helium.


2. Stages of the Division development.

1976 - Creation of Division of Cryogenic Research  (Head – Dr. Viktor I. Gostischev).
1986 - Dr. Sergey Demyanov is assigned Head of the Division.
2004 – 2005 - Purchase and starting-up of the "Linde 1410" helium liquefying complex.


Areas of work