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State Programme "Functional and engineering materials, nanomaterials"

Specifying the state complex program of scientific research "Functional and engineering materials, nanomaterials", the task "Development of nanostructured composite materials with a tunnel magnetoresistive effect based ferromolybdenum strontium in regular dielectric matrices for new functional elements".


The aim of the project is to develop a scientific basis for technology of nanostructured composite materials with a tunnel magnetoresistive effect based on the structure of strontium ferromolybdenum double perovskite matrix in the modified anode aluminum oxide (AAO) for promising new functional elements and establish the relationship spin-polarized electromigration in the structures obtained by fractal inhomogeneities in ferrimagnetic grains.

Project Objectives:

  • Development and explore the physical and chemical methods of synthesis and to optimize the conditions for obtaining nano-sized grains of metal oxide-based compounds Sr2FeMoO6±δ with a given cation and anion defect.
  • Investigate and develop chemical and electrochemical methods of forming and directed modification of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide films. Develop methods to investigate the formation of island films of ferromagnetic materials with preset parameters in the modified matrix AAO and investigate the mechanism of physical-chemical interactions in these systems.
  • Develop and explore methods of ion-plasma deposition on the surface of the AAO-structured ferromagnetic films and to establish the laws of structure formation.
  • To investigate the microstructure, composition and properties of matrices with the AAO deposited ferrimagnetic materials. Identify the relationship of magnetostatic characteristics of magnetically ordered systems and electroplating conditions of their formation.
  • Based on data for the study of the influence of formation conditions in the pores of aluminum oxide film of metal oxide nanostructures bar chart to work out regimes create nanostructured composite materials based on Sr2FeMoO6±δ.
  • Determine the influence of magnetic fields on the magnitude of the magnetoresistance, and electrotransport spin-polarized share in nanostructured composite materials with different dielectric layer thicknesses and grain sizes Sr2FeMoO6±δ and develop scientific and technical principles of the new elements on the basis of spintronics ferromolybdenum strontium in the regular dielectric matrices.



Areas of work